Advance Office Foundation (AOF)

MS Office is the most commonly used software suite in all over the world. No, businesses and offices can function without the help of this software suite. Therefore, if you desire to keep up with the modern-day skills and to progress towards a successful career, Classes of Professional Studies, MS Office training institute in jaipur offers a comprehensive range of Microsoft Office training courses designed to train you in all aspects of MS Office. With more offices and professional spaces choosing to go digital, there is now a greater need for working professionals who are familiar with the in and out of the ultimate software suite, Microsoft Office.

* Computer Concepts/ Fundamentals
* Windows : Win-7, Win-8,Win-10
* MS-Office 20010/2013
>> MS-Word
>> MS-Excel
>> MS-Power Point
>> MS-Access
>>Outlook Express
* Internet (Browsing, E-mail, Chat, Search, Download,Upload,E-ticketing,Social Networking).

Duration : 3 Months

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