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The Advanced Certification in Android Development is an Android Training Course In Jaipur designed to meet the demand for Android developers in the IT world today.

Royal Education Sansthan curriculum in Android apps development training is handled by technical advisers with a tried and So tested unique course delivery method tailored towards students who have completed their B. Tech or MCA degree. This Android Training Course in Jaipur doesn’t just teach Android but rather assists the student build Android Applications.

We take pride in our expertise in android development, android app training, and mobile application development training in Jaipur. Take a free demo Class for the Android Training course in Jaipur.

Career Scope after Android Training in Jaipur at Royal Education Sansthan

Our Android training center in Jaipur coach students in the skills of programming, reading, and So writing Android’s complex coding along with visualizing the user friendly interface. Expert Android trainer in the institute put their hard efforts into strengthening participants’ potential. But assigning them Android programming challenge during their lab practices. Aspirants attaining certification from our Android institute in Jaipur are able to realize a good hand in producing Jaipur in industry domains.

Students completing Android training in Jaipur are skilled to provide their services coding for Linux Kernel, application framework, SDK installation, project structure, activating components, manifest file, UI events, creating graphics and animation, resources, and so on. Please have a look at the course and syllabus section for further details.


  •  Introduction to Android
  • Develop ing for Android
  • Android Applications and Activities
  • UI Design for Android
  • Intents, Broad cast Receivers, Adapter & Internet
  • Files, Saving States, and Preferences
  • Data base and Content Tools
  • Audio, Video, Using Camera
  • Telephony and SMS
  • Bluetooth, Network, and Wi-Fi
  • Sensors & Advance Android Develop ment
  • Working on Live Major Projects
Android Training Course

Duration: 2 

Importance Of Android

Multi-Language: Android offers multiple languages that they can choose according to their preference. So it easily supports various languages on a single platform. It gives language choice to the consumers.

Screen Capture: It has a feature where they easily capture the screen through screen shots. The screen shot is easily taken by pressing the power and home screen button at the same time. It is a feature in an Android phone to capture the screen.

High Visibility: It offers high visibi lity where you can easily reach a large target audience with a click on a mobile phone. So it is easy to create your app where the customer has high visibility through your app.

Opportunities For Innovation: Android is a platform where they have been trending ideas with its unique technique. It gives proper needs of the devices and technologies to interact the business change. It offers various innovations according to the preference of the clients.

Open Source & Affordable: Android is an open source and afford able plat form for every user where it reduces the cost of the software through licensing techniques. It is easily designed to integrate multi media tools with data manage ment functioning. It has cost effective and easy to earn quick profits.

Direct Marketing Channel: It is a direct method for the agency where they can create various channels through various techniques. It easily allows the user to down load the various apps on the phone. It has easy marketing techniques and each reaches the users with pricing, booking forms, general information, a news feed, and many other promotions.

Job Opportunities in Android

We all know that Sometimes Later Becomes Never. So Android is a classic word that we spell at least once a day. Mobile application development relies on Android’s operating system and apps’ Jaipur. Android is the buzzing word and a history creator in the 21st century. So the platform has millions of users, and billions of applications download happening every year in the Google Play Store.

Android course in Jaipur is systematically prepared to impart trouble free Android training to the students. Yet, rigorous lab practice and exhaustive Android training are necessary for getting easy access to Android programming complexities. So Android is not industry-specific; it is task-specific open source system that can be modified and customized in accordance with the project’s requirements. Participants with successful Android training in Jaipur have a promising career as programmers, developers, Or engineers while availing a lot of attention, respect, and higher position in big projects.

Industrial sectors such as automobiles, aviation, media and entertainment, mining, oil and gas, ports and shipping, railways, tourism, hospitality, etc are hiring Android developers for their business development or projects. So The average salary of an Android programmer begins from 4.8 to 5.6 lacs per annum. But, the salary may differ depending upon the industrial sector, country, and project’s requirements and length. At present, companies are offering a very striking compensation package along with notable incentives to the freshers completed Android classes in Jaipur recently, but as the industry is in need of the best Android developers. Android training center in Jaipur delivers skill based Android training to the participants so that they can construct their career as a star performer may be as an employee or freelancer.