dandiya night

The blooming festival of Navratri has been established; the colors will appear when the Dandiya is at its top volume. Dandiya is the folk dance performed in the festival of Navaratri, which is one of the most revered Hindu festivals. The festival of Navratri is incomplete without Dandiya and Dandiya is incomplete without a year’s worth of energy.

Royal Education Sansthan has organized an enthusiastic event ” ROYAL DANDIYA UTSAV on 23 October 2023, in which students, parents, and teachers participated with great enthusiasm. The entire atmosphere was festive and full of energy. The program began with the ‘aarti’ of Goddess Durga by director Manish Arora along with Staff Members, students, and parents. The students were attired in traditional dresses. This festival in a very joyful manner and enjoyed every moment by performing dance in garaba style. The girls were dressed in the colorful ‘ghagra cholis’ and the boys were dressed in the beautiful kurta pajamas, which was the theme for this event. All the students and teachers performed the Saraswati puja (pati puja) with devotion and reverence. All the participants had gathered in colorful traditional attires. The children and parents along with teachers, all danced on the DJ Music beats and tune of ‘Dandiya’ very enthusiastically. There were prizes distributed for quizzes and dance. People in pursuit of a refreshing break from their hectic daily schedule, enjoyed the evening with an absolute sense of freedom and exaltation. It was an evening well spent with the loved ones.