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Khatu Shyam Ji temple is one of the most prominent religious centers in the village of Khatu. In the Sikar District of Rajasthan. This sacred pilgrimage center attracts hordes of devotees every year. The temple has an idol of Lord Krishna (Made of rare stone) which is worshipped. So as the legend of Khatushyam Ji.

The temple has its own believers who come here to pay homage to the deity. And the driver started the bus, and our trip started, and we all are excited to reach there. The distance between Khatu Shyam Ji and Jaipur is about 88 kilometers which take 2 hour and 30 minutes of drive. So from where you can travel via road to the temple. On the bus we all sang songs, Bhajan, played antankshari, and also dance with joy. And would guard you to your destination at Khatu Shyam ji Temple. After paying homage to the deity in the temple. We will be taken back to Jaipur to mark the end of your trip.