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On the day of the picnic,. We all students reached royal education sansthan (institute)on time and loading luggage to the bus. So we all got into the bus. And the driver started the bus, and our trip started, and we all are excited to reach there. On the bus we all sung songs, played antankshari and also dance with joy. So the bus is slowly going towards its destination. Most of the students had not visited this place and it was a mystery that held a lot of surprises for us. The Wonderland WaterPark sits in a round mountain zone, but we did not know that it would flood our day with such immense joy! As we were all dressed in our best outfits, we were all in our best moods, and the breezy weather added to our happiness.

Best Water Park in Jaipur

Wonderland WaterPark was beautiful as it contains fountains, many garden and it was situated on the bank of a slide which made it a beautiful place. We sat on the roller coaster ride which was an extremely enthusiastic slide as we roamed up and down the round slide. The ‘Flip line’ was also a joy but a bit scary for some student who was afraid of heights. However, we enjoyed roller coaster rides. After a few hours of enjoyment, our teachers called all of us for lunch. We all enjoyed lunch together and then came back to the pool. All the students along with teachers dance together in the shower.

And that garden was our picnic place, and we enjoyed it there, we had food there and played a lot and enjoyed swings. We didn’t even know how time passed and we were asked to pack our bags. No one wanted to leave the fun and enjoyment of the park. But it was evening so we all came out of the pool. All the students then moved back to the bus. We all get back to our respective seats and went back home. We reach Royal Education Sansthan (institute) in night. The parents of every student were waiting to take us home.

wonderland Waterpark
wonderland water park
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