React JS

Course Contents:-

Introduction to React and Advantage of React

Prerequisite to Learn React and Installation

Create First React App and all about File Structure

Introduction JSX and Terms Of Babble

Complete Setup of React Router DOM

Introduction to React Hooks and Advantage of Hooks

Implementations of All Hooks

Props and Props Drilling

Controlled Form vs Uncontrolled Form

Context API

Component Optimization

Fetch Data From API

HTTP Request and Response with Rest API

Implementation of Redux and Store Setup

How To access Redux store and dispatch action to reducers

Introduction and Overview of React Slick Slider

Introduction and Overview Of Material UI

 Duration : 2.5 Months including Lab

Eligibility: Undergraduates, Graduates
Post-Graduates, Job Aspirants

 Pre-requisites, JavaScript & HTML

Node JS

Understand the Node.js framework

Work with Node Projects

Work with shrink-wrap to lock the node module versions

Learn asynchronous programming

Build HTTP Server with Node.js using HTTP APIs

Understand file systems in Node.js

Understand Buffers, Streams and Events

Comprehend multi-processing in Node.js

Learn Express.js

Learn how Express.js connects with MongoDB and SQLite

Build chat application using

Work with Gulp and Grunt

Understand unit and End to End (e2e) testing

Duration : 2.5 Months including Lab

Eligibility: Undergraduates, Graduates, Post-Graduates, Job Aspirants

Pre-requisites JavaScript & HTML