Best Computer Training Institute of rs-cit in Jaipur


RKCL has launched an IT friendly course for the people of Rajasthan. RKCL RSCIT RS-CIT to help them overcome their fear of IT. Best Computer Training Institute for RS-CIT in JaipurRSCIT Course in Jaipur  but is designed to empower citizens with a fundamental understanding of information technology at an affordable cost. So Acquiring essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and work, and be able to explore career opportunities globally.  Because RKCL RSCIT is a high-quality, low-cost IT literacy program that provides a unique curriculum, excellent study materials, and a learning management system in local languages. Top RS-CIT Training Course in Jaipur.

1. Introduction to Computer
2. Computer System
3. Managing your Computer System.
4. Exploring your computer
5. Introduction to the Internet
6. Internet Applications
7. Digital Payments and Platforms
8. Digital Services for citizens of Rajasthan
9. Working with mobile Device and Smartphone
10. MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
11. Cyber Security And Awareness
12. Getting more from your computer

Eligibility: Anyone who is literate & has so a desire to learn Computer & Information Technology.
Course Duration : 3 Months or 132 Hours ( 1 hour per day classes ).
RS-CIT Course Fees: Rs 3350 /- only per candidate however for eligible Govt.
Course Medium: Hindi and English



Best RSCIT Computer Training Institute in Jaipur

At Royal Education Santhan we understand the importance of computer literacy in today’s world, so and that’s why we offer the best RSCIT course in Jaipur. Our RSCIT course is designed to equip students with practical knowledge and because of hands-on experience in computer usage. We have highly experienced and qualified faculty members who so we also provide students with the best education possible.

Because the RSCIT course covers a wide range of topics, including computer fundamentals, introduction to the internet, email usage, and computer applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. So We have a state-of-the-art computer lab that provides students with a practical learning experience

Our RSCIT course is recognized for its quality education and so he practical learning experience, making it one of the Best RSCIT courses in Jaipur. So we also provide equal opportunities for all our students to learn and succeed. Our faculty members work closely with our students to ensure that they receive because the best education possible and develop essential skills in computer usage.

At Royal Education Sansthan, we believe in providing holistic education to our students. Apart from providing quality education, we also offer career counseling and placement services to help our students find suitable job opportunities. Our placement team works closely with our students so to identify their career goals and connect them with the right employers.