advance excel course

We have planned our course satisfactorily and schedule in light of students’ prerequisites to accomplish every body’s professional objective. In our Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) preparing program. Take your expertise to the next level with Advanced Excel Training Course in Jaipur. We offer Microsoft Excel (MS Excel) flows through web based preparation with live coordinated learning choices. The comprehensive, professional Advanced Excel training course can help you use formulas, crunch critical business data, so create charts and graphs, and much more with ease and dexterity. Take courses under the mentorship of leading industry experts and faculty members who can guide you through all the stages of mastering the program. So the journey to Microsoft Excel Advanced will help reshape your skills and give you an edge in today’s competitive job market.


Excel is a real management tool for analyzing and anticipating. The power of this spreadsheet is often misused. This training provides you with mastery and because of he development, you need to save time. So also helps you make the right decisions. Royal Education Sansthan is the best Excel training institute in Jaipur, which has had quality certification for many years. The certificates issued by the Institute are an important preferential title. Every year many students are also placed at work by the School thanks to the direct requests that are forwarded to them.

The Management is available for any individual need or problem. So it is also available, together with the entire teaching staff, for interviews and meetings with students and their families. The professional qualification of our teachers at the Advanced Excel training course Institute ensures the highest degree of professionalism and quality of teaching. But The classes are followed by their teachers, for the entire duration and for all hours of the courses.

The structures and equipment for carrying out the courses are the most advanced and modern. Because With decades of teaching experience, teachers can practice a lot of “learning by practice” using innovative classroom techniques that make it easy to learn even challenging concepts.

Advanced MS Excel Course Benefits

There are many benefits of the Advanced MS Excel Course:

  1. Take an Advanced Excel Certification course online to create impressive Excel spreadsheets & dashboards, because and perform advanced data analysis
  2. Become an expert with Advanced Excel Training in data formatting, data analysis, and so data visualization to be globally accepted as a recognized Microsoft Excel Professional
  3. Advanced Excel Course will help you successfully manage large amounts of data thereby increasing the productivity and revenue of the organization.
  4. If you are working in corporate development, equity research, financial planning, analysis, etc. Therefore Microsoft Excel Certification will give you the essential tools & techniques to rise up the professional ladder 
  5. Revamp your credentials by specializing in Advanced Excel skills, which will so it also help you visualize and modify data, prepare comprehensive reports, and analyze information with speed and accuracy
  6. Learn to build complex functions and formulae in Microsoft Excel to answer questions about company finances, efficiency, workflow, inventory, SO solve problems arising in business
  7. Upgrade your CV with Advanced Excel certification credentials (CAEP) and grow professionally
  8. Become eligible for promotion or new job roles requiring advanced analytical skills so and offer great payouts

Advance Excel Syllabus

  • Basic of Excel
  • Custom and Conditional Formats
  • Data Validation
  • Working with Range Name
  • Using formulas and function
  • Absolute and Relative Cell Reference
  • Excel Auditing Tool
  • Mis Reports
  • Working with Charts
  • Working with Pivot Table
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Multiple workbooks
  • Working with Macros
  • What -if Analysis
  • Advance V lookup Formulas

Duration: 2 Months


What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a world’s renowned computer spreadsheet program developed by Microsoft for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. MS Excel’s basic features include graphing tools, pivot tables, a macro programming language, and many more.

What are some of the top Microsoft Excel tips?

Some of the tips for you to become a so Microsoft Excel pro include AutoFill, Ctrl+Shift to select, Text to Columns, Flash Fill, Paste Special to Transpose, Hide in Plain Sight, Pivot, Perform Quick Analysis and more.

Why take Microsoft Excel Classes?

MS Excel Training Classes not only teach how to use formulas, charts, and tables but also help develop advanced Excel skills and techniques to build a successful career. MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet because that does everything one could ask for in a spreadsheet.

What is the course fee for Microsoft Excel in Jaipur?

The MS Excel course fee is entirely based on – the duration of the course, and the level of the course – basic, intermediate, and so advanced level Excel courses. However, a professional level Excel course in Jaipur will easily cost you in between Rs. 2000 – 4000 per month.

Which is the best training institute for Microsoft Excel in Jaipur?

There are several MS Excel Training Institutes in Jaipur. so that provide quality Excel Training Classes for beginners and advanced programmers. Royal Education Sansthan has listed some of the so best Excel institutes in Jaipur to fulfill your learning requirements.